You Need To Take Resisting Arrest Charges Seriously

You're at a Buffalo Bills game or other sporting event having a good time. You've had a few beers, the game's been exciting. Perhaps things start to get a bit out of control — simple posturing or rivalry escalates into a fight. Before you know it, law enforcement is on the scene and you feel a hand grabbing your shoulder. Without thinking, you resist, do whatever it takes to free yourself. Soon, you find yourself charged with resisting arrest or even assault of an officer.

Getting the legal help you need to face the charges and minimize the impact of a criminal conviction is critical. If you live in Williamsville, New York, or the surrounding area, contact the criminal defense Law Office of Patrick M. Noe, Jr. We can help. Call toll free at 866-235-7062 for a free initial phone consultation.

Make Sure Your Side Of The Story Is Heard

At the Law Office of Patrick M. Noe, Jr., we understand how matters can escalate and get out of control. Whether alcohol, stubbornness or volatility is the trigger that results in resistance, adding a charge of resisting an arrest can negatively impact your situation. If you have assaulted an officer in resisting arrest, the matter becomes even more serious. You need to work with an attorney who knows how to make sure your side of the story is heard.

Get A Non-Criminal Disposition

We know what is at stake in your criminal case, and while we can never predict or promise specific outcomes, we will always work toward the goal of obtaining a noncriminal disposition. We have successfully represented numerous clients charged with resisting arrest, preventing criminal conviction. Our aggressive representation can work for you.

Contact Us For Help — Phone Consultations Are Free

Most resisting arrest charges stem from heated moments. Maybe a police officer was being unnecessarily rough. You deserve representation that will listen to your side of things and give you a strong defense. Call 866-235-7062 or contact us online for a free initial consultation.