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How can a New Yorker appeal a child custody order?

There are a lot of disappointing decisions that people make and we have to live with, like a mechanic's denial of inspection on a car. But some decisions are so important that we can't simply get over it. And few decisions are more important than the ones that affect our children.

How are child custody decisions in New York made?

Husbands and wives who love their daughters and sons often get divorced, necessitating decisions about who will raise the children in their homes. Often, the answer to that is both parents, at different times. It can be ideal when the divorcing husbands and wives can put together a parenting plan that works for both of them, and of course, for their children. If they cannot do so, the courts will make the child custody decisions for them. Here are some key answers about how New York courts make child custody decisions.

How do you co-parent with a narcissist?

Is your ex-spouse a narcissist? Many divorced people would answer "Yes" to that question. Narcissism is a personality trait that runs on a spectrum. At the far end of the spectrum is narcissistic personality disorder (NPD), which is considered a mental illness. However, even a person with a high degree of narcissism that doesn't reach that point can very difficult to deal with -- and particularly to co-parent with.

Be mature enough to attend school activities with ex

When a journey that began in a pretty wedding chapel winds up in a cold divorce court, the focus is often on the big things like who gets the gold and the summer house. However, child custody is often a big part of divorce, and it involves more than just deciding which children are with which parent on particular days. It also involves helping the children to have as positive of lives as possible, and that includes keeping both parents involved with the children's school activities.

Co-parenting after divorce takes being on the same page

When New York couples separate or divorce, they often face a number of hurdles in their quests to successfully move on to the next stages of their lives. One of those hurdles is putting together a child custody arrangement that respects the children's need to have a warm and constructive relationship with both of their parents. That may take quite a bit of sorting out. However, the story doesn't end when the child custody arrangement is established and approved by a judge. It just begins there, with the next chapter being about co-parenting successfully, especially if one or both members of the original couple remarry.

Child custody options after a divorce

When New York parents divorce, the single most important thing they can do is work out a parenting plan that focuses on what's best for the kids. That often means that the couple needs to be mature enough to let the best interests of the children supersede the personal conflicts between the two spouses. If they do that, they can ensure that the children continue to have healthy relationships with both of their parents as well as with their extended families on both sides.

Joint custody can work with the right steps

Divorce can be arduous, with two people who took solemn vows to be partners for life becoming adversaries instead. However, even if there are issues to work out over property and money, the most important area in which the two people should work things out is the arrangements for the care of their children. That is especially true if, by mutual agreement or court order, they are going to have joint custody of the children. Joint custody can work out very well if both parents commit to making that happen.

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