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2 ways divorce is beneficial for kids

On Behalf of | Nov 7, 2017 | Blog

One challenge that you may encounter while divorcing your spouse in New York is protecting your kids. You are already aware of how beneficial it can be for children to grow up with both parents in a single home. But what you may not know is that there are circumstances where divorce can be beneficial for them. 

You may have worked hard to save your relationship. All marriages are not meant to last. It is up to you to recognize when it may be time for you to leave your partner and move on to protect you and your children’s overall well-being. Here are some reasons why divorce can be healthy for children

1. Provides kids with realistic view of relationships 

Parents who are unhappy together and stay together for the sake of their kids are usually not aware that they are setting the tone for all future relationships they may have. They may feel that by staying together, they are showing their kids how healthy relationships should be. What they are actually doing is allowing them to grow up in loveless and unhappy households. 

As their children get older, they will think it is acceptable for them to have those same dynamics in their own relationships. Parents who are unwilling to accept less than what they feel they deserve in relationships show their kids that it is okay for them to divorce and move on in order to remain happy, loved and healthy. 

2. Protects them from abuse 

Many people do not realize that abuse can take place in many ways. It does not have to occur physically. Sometimes people get strung out on alcohol, drugs and other substances that make them unpleasant and at times unsafe to be around. Their kids may grow accustomed to seeing this type of behavior and mimic it when as they become older. 

Parents should keep in mind how their actions and words can affect their children. They should also consider the pros and cons of staying in relationships where there are conditions that can impact their kids’ view on themselves, relationships and other aspects of their lives. If they discover their marriages are not healthy or lack affection, they should consider ways to improve it or take the proper steps to end it to protect themselves and their kids.