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Effective, Compassionate Family Law Attorney

When there are problems at home, such as personal or financial difficulties between spouses, it can be a trying time for everyone involved. With that in mind, we approach the all-important practice of family law with compassion and understanding at Patrick M. Noe, Jr., Attorney at Law, in suburban Buffalo. We want to help you and every member of your family through these stressful situations.

Our insightful, sympathetic family law lawyer offers comprehensive knowledge of family law and how to effectively practice it. He is in touch with your needs as a client and human being, always available to you to answer questions, and always prepared to deal with any unexpected development in your case.

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Comprehensive Family Law Representation

At Patrick M. Noe, Jr., Attorney at Law, serving all of western New York, we provide much-needed services in family and marital law in the following areas:

In any of those areas, you and your family can come to us and discuss the specifics of what is going on in your home. We will explore the available legal remedies for your emotional and financial needs. We know of proven and individualized approaches to those needs, which have led to lasting solutions and closure.

Real Solutions For Divorce

We can also help you with every aspect of a divorce action, including:

  • Child custody
  • Child support
  • Relocation
  • Pension division
  • Spousal support

In Patrick M. Noe, Jr., you will have a family law attorney and advocate who does his best and works his hardest to resolve your case as economically as possible. Our full-service features include post-divorce availability as well, should your situation conclude in a marital dissolution. After all, with each of these actions and reactions, there can be modifications applied to a divorce decree, down the line, as well as tax consequences. Wherever your family law problem leads you, we are here for you.

Let Us Help You Through These Difficult Times

As you face divorce or some other type of difficult family law matter, you deserve experienced guidance and a strong advocate who will fight to protect your best interests at every turn. To schedule an initial consultation, call 716-803-8741 or contact us online.