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Joint custody can work with the right steps

Divorce can be arduous, with two people who took solemn vows to be partners for life becoming adversaries instead. However, even if there are issues to work out over property and money, the most important area in which the two people should work things out is the arrangements for the care of their children. That is especially true if, by mutual agreement or court order, they are going to have joint custody of the children. Joint custody can work out very well if both parents commit to making that happen.

One of the keys to joint custody success is communication. Both parents have to keep track of their children’s schedules and know where their children are, who they are with and what they are doing at all times. The parents also need to let each other know about any problems that their children have, including physical, social and personal problems.

That way, both parents can track those problems and do all they can to help their children when they are with them. Of course, it is also important for parents to share their children’s successes and joys. Doing so can have the auxiliary benefit of helping the parents rebuild their friendship based on sharing the good parts of their children’s lives.

Another key to joint child custody is putting the children first. That can require compromise, e.g., being willing to move events like piano lessons from one parent’s custody days to the other parent’s days if necessary. Ultimately, as long as both parents play fair, the children will get a lot of time with both parents and will recognize that they are being put first. On a related note, it is important for each parent to speak respectfully of the other for the children’s sake.