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Divorce peacefully for everyone’s sake

On Behalf of | Jul 30, 2019 | Divorce

Many couples in Amherst and other areas of New York stay happily married for decades. For other couples, however, their love stories end in divorce. Fortunately, divorce does not have to be acrimonious. While the divorcing couple is naturally going to have their issues with each other, they can still proceed with the divorce in a constructive manner. Here are some ways to do so.

1. First, set aside blaming the other person.

Divorces may happen because one or both people changed over time, or because the spark between them is gone, or because they want different things. Regardless of what the reasons are, what matters is that you have both reached the understanding that a divorce is going to happen. Given that understanding, you might as well commit to having the divorce proceedings be as constructive as possible.

2. Keep looking at the big picture.

The biggest part of the big picture is usually the children, who should not suffer at all because of the problems of the parents. Parents who can accept that and let it guide their actions during a divorce will reap the benefits of doing so for the rest of their lives. Let your children know that both of their parents still love them and that both parents value the children’s relationships. Approach any custody arrangements with those things in mind.

3. Regarding financial matters, be honest.

Disclose what all assets and debts are so that both of you can make informed decisions about the division of those assets and debts. Understand that fairness involves both sides giving up some things and getting other things. Above all, be reasonable.

With this plan in place, you can get a fair and balanced divorce without a hassle.