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High-profile divorce included spousal support request in error

Divorce can be a messy business, especially when emotions are inflamed. But it is important to remember that passion is rarely the thing that makes the end of a marriage go smoothly. It is also rarely the thing that helps resolve the material factors of a divorce, such as splitting assets or getting spousal support as well as financial help for raising children.

Another important part of a divorce is the right legal representation. An attorney can take a lot of the pressure off people by handling the proper filings and representing a person’s interests in court appearances or while dealing with issues brought up by the other spouse.

The choice of attorney is perhaps the most important decision that a person considering divorce can make. A recent divorce that included a request for spousal support was turned upside down when it turned out that part of the process was started in error.

“Inadvertently, in the original petition a box was marked referencing that [the petitioner.] was seeking spousal support,” said the attorney responsible for the mistake. “In fact, an Amended Petition has been filed removing that check-mark and making it clear that nothing either property or support is being sought.”

People should have confidence in their choice of attorney and not make the decision without believing he or she can do the best job in making their needs clear in divorce court or filings. No one should have to go through the process of divorce without help, and spouses are often happier with the results when an attorney looks after their interests.