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Approach kids with a united front when seeking divorce

On Behalf of | Feb 28, 2020 | Child Custody

If you are the parent of minor children and you are going through a divorce, you likely are worried about the children’s reaction to the split. Kids’ reactions can run the gamut from relieved to traumatized depending on the circumstances and their individual personalities.

But one thing that divorcing parents should aim for is a united front when introducing the topic to their children. If at all possible, tell them together that you will be separating. This prevents one parent from being retaliated against for simply being the bearer of bad news. It also helps them to see that even while you may be splitting up, you are still able to approach your parenting duties in tandem.

Letting the kids know that you and their other parent remain on the same page also keeps them from playing the age-old game of pitting one parent against the other to get what they want. Even young children learn quickly how to wheedle and manipulate from one parent what the other already disallowed. But if you respect your former spouse’s parenting decisions, the children will as well.

No one wins when you create tiny tyrants and manipulative children from the wreckage of your marriage. Each parent should be able to spend quality time with the kids, but general rules should still be followed. If it’s always been a family rule that there was no screen time until the homework was done, but Dad now lets the boys engage in Fortnite marathons each day after school, there will be plenty of nights with the kids up until midnight nodding over their math homework.

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