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Problems in hostile divorces

On Behalf of | Jan 20, 2021 | Blog, Divorce

Divorce can be a stressful and emotionally-draining process that often brings out the absolute worst in people. No matter how much a couple used to love each other, the process of dissolving a marriage in New York can bring out feelings of anger, bitterness and hostility.

Limiting access to money

If you were not the breadwinner in your marriage, your estranged spouse may attempt to limit your access to the money in a bank account, even if it has your name on it. It is not uncommon for one partner who is acting out of anger to drain the bank accounts when they find out the other partner is planning to end the marriage. If you believe something like this might happen, you should withdraw half of the money from the account before you are locked out of it.

Dealing with alleged abuse

If you are ending a marriage where you were abused physically, mentally or emotionally, the process of getting a divorce may cause your estranged spouse to act even more aggressively. If abuse was a factor in your decision to dissolve the marriage, you should try to limit your communication with them to text messages or email so you can have proof of their actions. Also, you should never be around them without a friend or family member.

Delaying the divorce

Vindictive people may do everything they can to delay the divorce so they can maintain their control a bit longer. At this point, it is best to turn everything over to your lawyer who can use legal tactics to force a response in a timely manner.