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Is 50/50 custody the best arrangement for you?

Joint 50/50 child custody arrangements in New York are the best option for many families because they allow the child to have an equal amount of time with both parents. This can allow them to maintain a solid and healthy bond without spending a lot of time getting transferred between both homes throughout the week.

Most 50/50 child custody arrangements work well when both parents live in proximity to each other to avoid traveling too far to exchange the child. This can also allow the child to have less of a difficult time transitioning after the divorce is finalized and they have to become accustomed to living in two separate homes.

Child custody mistakes to avoid making

There are a few child custody mistakes that can threaten the terms of the arrangement. Whether it’s your turn for parenting time or not, don’t participate in illegal activity or get convicted of any crimes. It’s also important to avoid badmouthing your ex and speaking poorly about them around your child.

Don’t show up late when it’s time to drop off or pick up your child, which can threaten your child custody rights. It’s important to remain respectful to your ex and avoid conflict, which can put stress on your child.

Who can you contact for legal assistance?

If you need help negotiating child custody arrangements or want to make modifications to the current arrangement, contact a family law attorney for assistance. They may be able to help make the outcome work in your favor while having the child’s best interest in mind. Family law attorneys may also offer their services for related matters that include child support, asset division and alimony.