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Options for joint custody scheduling

On Behalf of | Jun 11, 2021 | Child Custody

Separated and divorced parents often say that they have “joint custody,” but this arrangement has several definitions. Parents often have to create a custody schedule that is customized for their children. If you’re a New York resident sharing custody of your children, here are some tips for creating a suitable custody arrangement.

Considering your children’s needs

The child custody schedule you select should ensure that your children are spending ample time with both parents. It is important to note that joint custody can be legal only, physical only, or both legal and physical.

Joint custody from legal standpoint means that both parents have input in the child’s medical care, religious upbringing and education. Physical joint custody means that both parents spend around the same amount of time with the children.

Types of joint custody schedules

The “alternating weeks” plan is a common child custody schedule. With this schedule, children live at one parent’s home for a week and at the other parent’s house the following week. Many families transition the children from one home to the other on the weekends, but parents can choose the day that works best for them.

The 2-2-3 schedule works for some families as well. With this plan, children live with parent B for two days and then with parent A for two days. The children spend a three-day weekend with parent B, and the schedule switches the following week. This is a great way for parents to alternate physical custody each weekend and works well for parents of young children who can’t go long periods of time without seeing one or both parents.

Speaking with an experienced family law attorney may help you and your ex come up with a custody scheduling plan that is best for your family. An attorney may offer creative suggestions for ensuring that your children can have strong relationships with both parents.