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How can you deal with a narcissistic co-parent?

It can be hard enough to deal with a divorce when it comes to asset division and other legal issues, but talking constantly with a narcissistic co-parent can leave you feeling even more confused and frustrated than usual.

Learning about traits and strategies for handling discussions with a narcissistic co-parent can help you.

Stay aware of manipulation

According to Psychology Today, your co-parent could try to turn your children against you by using lies and manipulation. Subtle signs of your children starting to fear you or become angry at you can spiral into alienation.

Staying aware of how often they communicate with your co-parent and how they act toward you can help you prevent this.

Keep communication formal

Although you may feel as if it is safe to share personal details with your co-parent, you should keep most of your communication formal. It may help to type out what you want to say in an email or text instead of speaking to him or her in person.

This format allows you to edit your message in order to make sure you do not discuss any more details than you need to. This helps prevent arguments if your co-parent wants to start a fight.

Use empathy

Although you may dislike these interactions, trying to look at your co-parent with a sense of empathy can help you reduce your own stress. Staying level-headed while talking with him or her can help diffuse any tension as time goes on.

Pay special attention to your children and how they react to the divorce, since they may need extra support. Dealing with a narcissistic co-parent does not have to be an impossible situation.