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Preparing your child to appear in court during your divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2022 | Family Law

Divorce is rarely easy. The complications increase when children are a factor. A judge must make a tough decision that is bound to upset at least one participant.

Among other factors, judges consider the desires of the child through testimony. What your offspring says in court is bound to impact the final ruling. Prepare your little one for this potentially nerve-racking experience.

Location Familiarization

Young ones typically have higher anxiety when they are in someplace new. Many courts allow children to visit where they will be appearing. If possible, introduce them to the space. Depending on the circumstances, this could be a courtroom, an office, or a conference room. Spend time there playing a game or snacking until the area no longer feels foreign.

Testimony Rehearsal

Speak with your kids about the custody determination process. Review behavioral expectations, and discuss why truthfulness is vital. Practice what will happen at home. Do this until they are comfortable with the questions they must answer. Take care not to bias their responses.

Emotional Support

Children need comfort during all stages of divorce, especially the testimony phase. No matter which parent they prefer living with, let them know you back their decisions. They will forever be grateful for your love no matter what choice they make. A child psychologist may be necessary to help your precious ones through this trying time.

Having mommy and daddy split is tough enough for little ones. Playing a role in the legal process compounds the stress. Make their lives easier by equipping them for the ordeal ahead of time.