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Put teamwork in motion to develop a successful parenting plan

On Behalf of | May 17, 2022 | Child Custody

If you have children, you and your soon-to-be-ex will have to create a parenting plan as part of the divorce process.

The court will want to know how you intend to raise your children after the divorce, and teamwork is a great way for the two of you to create a successful parenting plan.

For satisfactory results

You and your spouse may have differences of opinion when it comes to raising your children. If you can work together to create a parenting plan, it will serve as a guide you can refer to. Changes will be necessary from time to time, but those will be easier to manage if the basic structure is in place.

What to include

The court will want to see a schedule that allows your children to spend ample time with both of you. If a regular weekly rotation is not possible, create a schedule that provides for longer visitation time during weekends, holidays or summer vacation. You must also explain who will be responsible for making major decisions about the children, who will take them to medical and dental appointments, after-school activities and special events. Explain how you will communicate with each other when problems or conflicts arise and how you will manage those issues.

Assistance as needed

Co-parenting is new territory for divorced parents, and every parenting plan is unique. However, a well-thought-out plan makes the job of raising children much easier. You may wish to have legal guidance as you develop your plan to make sure you cover the pertinent points and omit nothing that the court will want to see.