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What children need from their parents during a divorce

On Behalf of | May 12, 2022 | Family Law

Divorce is rarely painless, particularly for children of separating parents. Mothers and fathers bear the responsibility of easing the experience for little ones.

Getting kids through this time is most challenging when their desires are unknown. If you have kids and are divorcing your partner, lessen their pain by learning what they need.


Little ones might fear divorce means Mommy and Daddy could stop loving them. They are too young to understand a marital split does not change your devotion to parenthood. Provide constant reminders you care for them with all of your heart. Explain that your feelings will remain exactly as before you decided to go separate ways.


Children, especially, are sensitive to conflict. Limit their exposure to high-emotion altercations. Kids overhearing fights about custody think they did something wrong and feel guilty. Avoid this from happening by hashing out differences through emails. If you cannot bite your tongues around each other, consider hiring a mediator.


Offspring of divorcing parents have many concerns. Where will they live? How much time will they end up spending with each adult? What will happen during vacations and holidays? Will Mom and Dad ever again be in the same room together? Invite children to ask questions. Answer truthfully. When speaking about your soon-to-be-ex, avoid disparaging remarks. Keep in mind how much your precious ones want to be with both of you.

Consider the emotional well-being of children when getting a divorce. How you treat them during this time makes an enormous difference.