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Valid reasons to modify your custody agreement

Change is inevitable after your divorce. You will need to adapt to being a single parent. You might find a new job. Eventually, you could remarry.

Leaving some flexibility in your child custody agreement may facilitate change as it happens. Knowing some valid reasons to request a modification of your original agreement may improve your understanding of your next steps.

Career and education

The notoriety of divorce commonly overrides the fact that it can benefit you. For example, your split may open numerous opportunities to expand your career or seek further education. However, some opportunities may require you to relocate. You might also need to modify your parenting availability to make time to study, test or interview.

Seeking modifications to your custody agreement for reasons such as this is both valid and necessary. Outline your reason for wanting to pursue certain opportunities, as well as how these decisions will affect your agreement. Relocating across state lines, in particular, will require some time to figure out. Begin negotiations plenty of time in advance of needing the changes to take effect. According to the NYC Law Department, Family Court Division, when requesting a modification, some circumstances may require you to follow the original agreement for a specified period of time first.

Safety concerns

Another valid reason to seek a modification is if you have concerns about the safety and well-being of your children. If you suspect abuse, neglect or other forms of mistreatment occur when your children spend time with your ex, you have the right to request a modification.

Other reasons you may request a modification include medical concerns, disability, death or remarriage among other things. Consulting with your legal team prior to petitioning the court can help you avoid missteps that could jeopardize your effort.