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3 signs your kids need therapy during your divorce

If you are going through a divorce, you undoubtedly know just how stressful wrapping up a marriage can be. While you certainly should not neglect your own mental health, you must realize your children may be suffering even more than you are.

In fact, according to Psychology Today, children often develop anxiety, depression and antisocial behaviors when their parents are divorcing. While there are many ways to combat the psychological consequences your children experience, they may need therapy. Here are three signs you should set up a meeting with a therapist.

1. Your children become obsessive

Even though your divorce affects them directly, your children likely do not need to know every detail about the end of your marriage. Still, if your kids obsessively seek information, they may not be able to get your divorce out of their minds.

2. Your children isolate themselves

You probably know your kids better than anyone else does. If the young ones in your family withdraw or isolate themselves from friends, family members and others, they may not be handling your divorce particularly well.

3. Your children change their behaviors

As they develop emotionally and physically, kids can change seemingly overnight. Still, if your children’s sleep schedule, eating patterns or hygiene regimen change drastically, they may be struggling to cope with your impending divorce.

Like all parents, you want to be sure your kids are ok during and after your divorce. Ultimately, by having your children meet with an experienced therapist, you can determine whether their changed behaviors come from normal growth or from something more concerning.