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3 ways to practice self-care during divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 21, 2022 | Divorce

Divorce is one of the most stressful events you can endure during your lifetime. Mental Health America notes that it can affect work productivity and impact relationships with both friends and family.

Whether you chose to end the marriage or your spouse took that step, your life will change in many ways; however, practicing self-care can keep you grounded and healthy, and keeping a few simple tips in mind may help support or even improve your mental and physical health as you navigate this difficult road.

1. Journal your feelings

Divorce can rouse many feelings, even those you may not expect. Frustration, anger and even a profound sense of loss may all occur. Writing down what you feel can help you vent these emotions in a safe space.

2. Engage in positive coping habits

During a divorce, you may want to turn to excessive spending, crave fatty foods or increase your alcohol intake, but these unhealthy habits will not help as you deal with your divorce. Instead, take time to plan healthy meals, exercise and maintain a consistent sleep schedule. All of these actions can help prevent brain fog so you can make continued positive choices regarding your future.

3. Take time to adjust

Your life is likely to change in many ways during a divorce. Schedules with your kids, your work and even how you used to spend your evenings may all go through a period of adjustment, which is not always easy to handle. Reach out for help if you begin to feel overwhelmed.

Try to avoid making any other major changes in your life during a divorce. Instead, focus on yourself and your well-being, as you cannot move past this difficult time otherwise.