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How forensic accountants can help with your divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 26, 2023 | Blog, Divorce

High-value divorces often include complex asset considerations. With assets such as property acquisitions, investment funds and cryptocurrency accounts, a forensic accountant may help clarify your settlement. Forensic accountants review assets and financial statements for accuracy and provide valuable services in high-asset divorce cases.

A forensic accountant could help with your divorce case in several ways.

Ensures transparency in asset disclosures

In many relationships, the division of responsibility leaves one spouse responsible for the financial accounts while the other spouse handles other duties. This creates a situation where the spouse with financial control could easily take advantage in the divorce. A forensic accountant ensures that all of the assets appear in the disclosures for fair and equitable division.

Provides valuation services for many assets

Forensic accountants often assist with documenting the valuation of assets during the disclosure process. When you have art collections, jewelry or other high-value assets, your forensic accountant ensures accurate proof of valuation for the asset distribution process.

Discovers hidden assets

If you suspect that your spouse has hidden assets in your divorce, including investment accounts or property, a forensic accountant can help. They can follow financial records and research transactions to locate assets excluded from the trial discovery.

Offers testimony in court

Forensic accountants may provide testimony in court when a divorce faces litigation. If any conflict arises about the asset distribution and disclosure, forensic accountants can clarify asset values, ownership and disclosure details.

A forensic accountant provides assistance with a variety of financial considerations and asset assessments during divorce. When you have concerns about asset disclosures, they can help.