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Reasons for modifying child support

Child support is a tool that supports the wellness of children after a divorce or separation. In certain situations, an existing child support arrangement may warrant a modification.

Judges have the responsibility of accepting or denying alteration requests. Some arguments are more compelling and likely to gain their approval than others.


When either parent experiences a significant shift in income, such as a job loss or raise, it can be a valid reason for a child support update. Courts typically mull over parental earnings to ensure the order remains fair.

Custody arrangements

If a custody agreement receives an overhaul, it can impact the level of child support that makes sense. This could be the case if one party gains primary custody or the child starts spending significantly more time with one parent over the other.

Needs of the child

As children grow, so too can the cost of childrearing. Fiscal variables include educational expenses and extracurricular activities. The economy is another factor; according to a report from Child Care Aware, the average cost of daycare is outpacing inflation by more than 3%.

Health concerns

Medical issues sometimes come into play. If a mother or father experiences an illness or disability that affects earning capacity, it might be grounds for a modification. Similarly, if the child could use therapy or medical care, it may also warrant a revision.

State laws

Guidelines and laws about child support vary from state to state. New rules sometimes demand updating existing child support orders to maintain compliance.

Child support should accurately reflect the current situation of both parents and the child. Knowing the reasons for revisiting orders helps mothers and fathers ensure the welfare of their youth.