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How changes in custody impact child support

On Behalf of | May 13, 2024 | Family Law

Navigating a divorce involves not only emotional strain but also complex legal challenges, particularly when there are minor children. For parents in New York, understanding how changes in custody arrangements can affect child support payments is an important part of finding the best solution for your children.

Understanding custody and child support

In New York, who has physical custody of the children largely determines child support obligations. Physical custody refers to where the children live most of the time, and this arrangement directly impacts child support calculations.

Factors influencing child support adjustments

Changes in custody arrangements often necessitate adjustments to child support. For example, if a parent gains more physical custody, they might start receiving child support from the other parent. This adjustment reflects the increased day-to-day expenses they will now cover.

Similarly, in shared custody cases where children spend roughly equal time with both parents, the support amount might need adjustment. The court will consider each parent’s income and the proportion of time each parent spends with the children to ensure the child support amount is fair and equitable.

Steps to modify child support

To effectively manage changes in child support due to altered custody, consider these steps:

  • Keep thorough records of any significant shifts in custody and their impacts.
  • Submit a petition to the court to adjust child support according to the new custody arrangement.
  • Present necessary evidence in court to support the change in child support needs.

Prioritizing your children’s well-being

Understanding how custody changes influence child support helps protect your children’s financial stability. By proactively managing these changes and working with legal professionals, you can ensure that your children’s needs are met during and after the transition.