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3 back-to-school co-parenting tips

On Behalf of | Aug 7, 2017 | Blog

It is already August, which means it is time to start preparing for your kids going back to school. This time of transition comes with several challenges, especially in your post-divorce life. Both you and your ex have obligations to help your children out as school comes near. They deserve to feel confident and happy going into the school year.

How should you handle all of these responsibilities and make sure everything goes smoothly? Follow these tips for successful back-to-school co-parenting.

1. Communicate consistently

Everyone must be on the same page for this to work out. If your communication with your former spouse is lacking, you might have a difficult time remembering simple tasks, such as bringing your child’s soccer cleats to the after-school game. Come up with a plan to regularly check in with the other parent to discuss your plans. Start communicating now, before school starts, to make it easier.

2. Share shopping responsibilities

Back-to-school shopping should not be the sole responsibility of one parent. Make sure you coordinate this with the other parent. Shopping includes school supplies and clothes and adds up to a lot of money. Try to come up with a way to split this responsibility, remembering not to sweat the small stuff. For example, if you do not love the shirt your ex bought for your child, try not to turn it into an argument.

3. Help with projects and homework

When your child is with you, be involved with schoolwork and encourage the other parent to do the same. This does not have to wait until school starts either. Did you child have any summer reading assignments? Be there to help your kid now so he or she feels your support as the first day of school approaches.

If you find that your visitation schedule does not work with the school year, you may need to modify your custody arrangement so you can be involved in your child’s academic life.