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What new life events can lead to child support modifications?

On Behalf of | Jun 15, 2022 | Divorce

When you begin to think seriously about seeking out child support modifications, you may not know what to expect.

You could have questions about whether or not you have a significant enough reason to change the amount you pay. Knowing the problems and common life situations that lead to this change can help you if you are wondering what to do next.

Change in jobs

According to the New York State Senate, you should make sure your financial situation meets the guidelines for modification. One major change is losing your job or accepting another job with a different salary, which can impact the amount you can pay each month.

This change in income should be large enough to make an impact on your budget. If it is not significant enough, then you may not qualify for modifications. Whether or not the change in your employment status is permanent or just temporary is also important when calculating the new amount.

Children’s growing needs

When your children get older and need new supplies for their health and wellness, such as braces or other medical treatments, this may mean a change in your child support amount.

Since these are necessary and often expensive items and procedures, you may need to apply for a modification. These needs can change as your children age or complete school years.

Unexpected circumstances

As you deal with personal and unexpected problems, you may struggle to pay the same amount of child support as you did before. Many unique situations that involve your health or income can impact this number, such as a sudden retirement.

If a major life change or relocation happens, you may want to look into child support modifications.