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Aggressive Defense Against Assault Charges

Crimes of violence or even threats of violence against other parties are serious matters. A conviction for an assault may not only result in jail time, but can also leave a mark on your criminal record, making it difficult to obtain a job or pursue your education. Whether the charge is aggravated assault or assault and battery, you need a criminal defense attorney who is aggressive and effective.

At Patrick M. Noe, Jr., Attorney at Law, in Amherst, New York, our criminal defense practice is designed to help clients in obtaining the best possible outcomes in their criminal cases. To discuss your situation in a phone consultation, contact our firm today. Call us at 716-803-8741.

Handling Assault Charges

Strictly speaking, an assault is the unlawful threat or attempt to use force to harm someone. This can be an intentional attempt at violence, or a case of negligent or reckless behavior that may endanger the safety of another party. In some cases, assault has been further defined to include even an attempt to cause menace. Our firm is equipped with a thorough knowledge of criminal law and provides aggressive representation.

Relying On Our Criminal Defense Experience

Having defended numerous clients facing criminal charges, attorney Patrick M. Noe has the experience, knowledge and skill to represent you in your criminal assault case. In his work with clients, attorney Noe has often obtained reduced sentencing and even dismissal of charges altogether.

We will examine the factors that may influence the decision of the courts: Were you acting in self-defense? Were you trying to prevent a crime or protect your property from a destructive act?

We Will Help You Fight Your Charges

It is all too easy for the police to misconstrue self-defense as an assault. No matter what situation led to you being charged with assault, you need to take action to ensure your rights are properly defended. We offer phone consultations to make that first step easier for our clients. Call 716-803-8741 or contact us online.