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Aggressive Defense Against All Drunk Driving Charges

Have you been charged with drunk driving? Anyone can find themselves facing DWI charges. Perhaps you were driving home after a Friday night out with friends or family. Perhaps you had a few drinks but felt up to the task of driving home. Then you saw the flashing lights in your rear-view mirror. You pulled over, feeling yourself tighten up with stress. The police charged you with a DWI. Now you’re wondering what to do next.

Whether you are facing a first-offense DWI or a second or third arrest, the first thing you should do is get in touch with an experienced criminal defense lawyer at Patrick M. Noe, Jr., Attorney at Law. We provide aggressive, professional and effective DWI defense representation. Call 716-803-8741 for a phone consultation.

The Importance Of Immediate Action In DWI Cases

By hiring a DWI defense attorney at the outset, you stand a far greater chance of having DWI (also known as DUI) charges reduced or eliminated. When we get involved early, we have more opportunity to find options for helping you avoid damage to your driving privileges in the form of a revoked driver’s license, fines and other penalties.

When it comes to reducing charges of driving while intoxicated, the option we pursue most frequently is a reduction from DWI to DWAI, which is not a criminal offense.

We Handle All Levels Of DWI Arrest And Related Charges

From our office in Amherst, we provide DWI representation to people in Erie County, Buffalo and throughout western and upstate New York. We represent college students at Erie Community College, the University of Buffalo and other colleges in the region.

We can handle:

We can also handle DMV hearings for Breathalyzer test refusal, as well as all related traffic violations.

You Can Fight A DWI; We Can Help

We know how to fight drunk driving charges and win. Let us put that experience to work for you. We offer free initial consultations to make that first step easier for our clients. Call 716-803-8741 or contact us online for a phone consultation.