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Were You Arrested For Driving While Intoxicated In Buffalo, New York?

A DWI in Erie County is different in many ways from a DWI in other western and upstate New York counties. If you have been arrested on a DWI in Erie County, you should consider hiring a local DWI defense lawyer who understands the local rules and procedures. Local knowledge can go a long way in your efforts to minimize the negative consequences of a DWI in Erie County.

Erie County DWI defense lawyer Patrick M. Noe, Jr., offers knowledgeable, aggressive and effective criminal defense services to people arrested on Erie County DWI charges. We encourage you to call our law office as soon as possible after a DWI arrest — so that we can get to work on your defense. Schedule a confidential phone consultation with attorney Patrick M. Noe, Jr. Call 716-803-8741.

We Know What It Takes To Win In Our Local Courts

If you are stopped for drunk driving in Erie County, perhaps on Chippewa Street in downtown Buffalo, you will typically be held overnight until the police determine you are sober. If you live out of the local area, you may be required to post bail before you can be released.

The next step is usually the arraignment, at which time your driver’s license will be suspended until the DWI charges are resolved. We will help you apply for a hardship driver’s license so that you can continue to drive to work or school. Hardship licenses are usually available unless you refused the breath or blood test.

After investigating the charges against you, we will give you clear and practical advice about the best way to proceed. If we think we can get the charges dismissed, we will tell you. If we think your best option is a plea bargain to a lesser charge, we will tell you. If we think we should fight for a not-guilty verdict at trial, we will tell you.

We Have Extensive DWI Defense Experience In Erie County

As a local criminal defense lawyer with extensive experience in Erie County criminal courts, Patrick M. Noe, Jr., knows the full range of possible DWI penalties — and how best to work toward minimal negative consequences. We represent people from throughout Erie County, including professionals and students in drunk driving cases.

In Erie County DWI cases, possible penalties include:

  • Required attendance at a victim-impact panel, where you hear from community members who have suffered due to drunk driving
  • Required Drinking and Driving Program (DDP) classes; attendance is required in order to qualify for a conditional driver’s license
  • Evaluation by the Buffalo City Court’s C.O.U.R.T.S. program, for determination of whether you have an alcohol addiction problem
  • Fines
  • Probation
  • Jail time

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