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Defense That Understands The Difference Between DWI And DWAI Charges

Being arrested for driving while your ability is impaired by drugs is just as serious as being arrested for DWI for alcohol in New York. In fact, DWI due to drugs is a separate crime in New York. These charges are serious, and the repercussions can have an extremely adverse effect on your entire life.

If you have been charged with this specific type of DWI, the first thing you should do is get in touch with an experienced Buffalo DWAI drugs defense lawyer at Patrick M. Noe, Jr., Attorney at Law. We provide aggressive, professional and effective DWI defense representation. Call 716-803-8741 today for a phone consultation.

DWAI Charges Can Happen To Anyone

Whether you are a professional driving home from work, a truck driver or a college student, we help people from all walks of life who have been charged with DWI related to being under the influence of any type of illegal drugs such as marijuana, cocaine and even prescription drugs that are being used recreationally. Normally, you will face a misdemeanor offense and the same penalties as a first-time DWI offender.

Drug Court May Be A Helpful Option

Depending on where you are charged and what substance you are found to be under the influence of, your case may be moved to drug court. This will depend on the evaluation of your case by the prosecutor, the results of your toxicology screening, what is recommended for treatment or if we petition to have your case moved to this court. Patrick M. Noe is a criminal defense attorney familiar with both courts and the procedures involved in each. You may be eligible to attend rehab and defer your sentence or prosecution if your case does get sent to drug court.

We Know How To Defend Effectively Against DWAI Charges

If your case does stay in criminal court, we will look for ways to challenge the blood test you may have been asked to submit to at the time you were arrested or defend your action of refusing this test. We will look to see if the police acted properly and if any of the evidence being used against you is flawed. We can also handle DMV hearings for Breathalyzer test refusal, as well as all related traffic violations.

DWAI Defense Attorney Serving Buffalo And The Surrounding Areas

We are skilled in DWI and drug defense, and those skills help us offer a strong defense against DWAI charges. To begin learning how we can help you, call 716-803-8741 or contact us online for a phone consultation.