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Experienced Defense In Underage DWI Cases

Thanks to the zero tolerance law, people under 21 who are charged with underage drinking and driving face heightened penalties. A conviction could result in fines and lengthy driver’s license suspensions. You could have a mark on your record that impacts your ability to get into college or pursue the career you want. In addition to criminal penalties, civil penalties could be involved as well.

At Patrick M. Noe, Jr., Attorney at Law, we offer experienced representation in underage DWI defense cases. You deserve a lawyer who is willing to fight to achieve effective results. You will find that lawyer at our law firm.

We Handle All Levels Of Underage DWI Arrests

From our office in Amherst, we provide underage DWI representation to people in Buffalo and throughout western and upstate New York. We represent students at Erie Community College, the University of Buffalo and other colleges in the region.

We can handle both adult and teenage drunk driving cases, including:

The Right Strategy For Your Case

At our law firm, we believe in customized strategies based on the needs of each individual client. When you come to us for help, we will take the time to listen to you. With your goals in mind, we will design a legal strategy to reduce or eliminate the underage DWI charges you are facing.

Our experience means that you will have an attorney who knows the options available, options that may include reducing DWI to DWAI, which is not a criminal offense. This is a noncriminal offense that carries only minor consequences.

Make Sure You Have A Strong Defense

If you or your child is facing underage DWI charges, our strong defense can help protect his or her future from the damage that a DWI conviction can do. To learn more about how we can help, call 716-803-8741 or contact us online.