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Ending A Marriage Through Annulment

Divorce is not the only option couples have to end a marriage. Spouses can pursue an annulment to terminate an invalid marriage, but only if they meet legal requirements.

Ending a marriage through divorce or annulment is often an emotional and stressful experience. You should have an experienced legal advocate who provides you with personalized guidance. At the law office of Patrick M. Noe, Jr., Attorney at Law, we offer the support you need. Contact our Amherst office at 716-803-8741 to meet with a compassionate attorney.

Understanding The Basics Of Annulment

An annulment ends a marriage declaring it null and void as if it never happened. That is the main difference between divorce and annulment. Divorce ends a legally valid marriage, while annulment acknowledges that the marriage never legally existed.

Reasons that a marriage could be invalid include:

  • Severe mental illness or temporary insanity at the time of the marriage
  • One party committing fraud and/or misrepresentation during the marriage
  • Lack of consent, such as if a party was under duress or there was no parental consent for a minor
  • If one party was already married
  • If one or both parties were intoxicated at the time of the marriage

In New York, there is no time limit to obtain an annulment for an invalid marriage. You only must prove that your marriage meets one of the above grounds for annulment.

Just as in a divorce or legal separation, the court can still award support or custody if children are involved in the annulment.

How We Can Help

Proving the grounds for annulment can be difficult, especially if the other party contests the annulment. At Patrick M. Noe, Jr., Attorney at Law, we will advocate for you with compassion and persistence. It is our goal to meet your needs and help you achieve your own goals.

Every situation is unique. That is why our founding attorney, Mr. Noe, works directly with you from start to finish. He is always on your side and strives to reduce your stress.

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