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Protect Your Business And Other Substantial Assets During Divorce

For individuals with substantial assets, divorce is a risk. Without seasoned legal representation that understands how to protect your assets, you may have to leave the marriage without full ownership of what is rightfully yours. From retirement benefits and investments to ownership of small businesses, you may have substantial assets that you want to protect from divorce and the division of property.

Small-Business Ownership

Dealing with a business during a divorce can be a challenge. How do you divide a business without damaging it? Should the business be divided at all? What is the real value of the business? We offer our clients representation that is experienced in creating effective solutions when a business is one of the assets being divided in a divorce. We work with business valuation experts when necessary and take all other steps that may be needed to help you secure a favorable outcome.

Inheritance In Divorce

When one spouse inherits assets or property, he or she may be considered the sole owner if he or she maintained it as separate property. We can thoroughly examine how the inheritance in question was treated and build a case that helps you.

Prenuptial Agreements

A valid prenuptial agreement can be used to preserve assets or property from being divided in a divorce. We can review your prenuptial agreement and begin building a case that will help you secure the outcome you need whether you are fighting to uphold the agreement or seeking to challenge it.

Aggressive, Results-Oriented Family Law Representation

At Patrick M. Noe, Jr., Attorney at Law, located in the Buffalo, New York, area, we understand what is at stake for our clients. No one should have to fear the loss of a substantial asset just because of divorce, especially if it is an asset such as a business that you may have built from the ground up. Attorney Noe has extensive experience in asset characterization that can help show the court whether an asset should be divided.

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