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How Do I Reduce My DWI Or DWAI Charge?

When it comes to choosing an attorney to handle a DWI case, experience is important. An attorney needs to have the experience to understand the options that are available in every case, the experience to know when to fight and when to work within the system.

At Patrick M. Noe, Jr., Attorney at Law, we know that sometimes fighting simply isn’t necessary. We know that getting a DWI charge reduced to a DWAI charge is often the best option. We know how to work with prosecutors to achieve this goal. Schedule a phone consultation today.

What Is DWAI?

DWAI stands for driving while ability impaired. This is a noncriminal offense. As such, it carries with it only minor penalties, whereas the penalties for DWI can have a serious impact on your life.

We will work with prosecutors to plead your charges down to DWAI in order to help you avoid the heavy fines of DWI, as well as the criminal charge on your record.

When Can DWI Be Reduced To DWAI?

Unfortunately, not every DWI charge can be reduced to a DWAI charge. Typically, this strategy is most effective based on low results on the breath test.

When you turn to us for help, you can be confident knowing that you have a lawyer who understands the options for having charges reduced in drunk driving cases. We know the opportunities that are available to us, and we are willing to pursue those opportunities in order to get you a positive outcome.

From our office in Amherst, we provide representation to people in Buffalo and throughout western and upstate New York.

Learn More In A Phone Consultation

We will examine every possible strategy to protect you against DWI charges, including pursuing a reduction to DWAI. Call 716-803-8741, or contact us online for a phone consultation where we can help you understand the different ways to achieve a positive outcome against DWI charges.